The Indivei on Planet Beoneofus.

By Helen Isobel-Rose Donaldson

The Indivei, while returning to their planet, Weareindividual, crash into a speeding asteroid. "Ommph! What the??!!" muttered Iammyself, after he was thrown out of bed in the Beyourself ship. "Stupid Asteroids," Iammyself muttered, "Don't know where they're going". Iammyself grabbed some of his Captain food. Youareyourself walks into the room, and shrieks "Youarecoolasyou notices that we have crash-landed into a unknown planet!' Youareyourself grabs a Sergeant's Space Yumcha and starts munching "But be bon't bnow bif bhe blanet's binhabited" he mumbles. "Swallow that food, and tell me again" Iammyself tells Youareyourself. " But we don't know if the planet's inhabitated" Youareyourself growls. "I'm gonna talk to Youarecoolasyou" Iammyself growls back. "Captain Iammyself!" Youarecoolasyou shrieks. "What are we gonna do??" "We are going to explore the planet with Youareyourself and Liutenants Goodareyou, Wearenotthesame and Coolnessisyou" Iammyself tells Youarecoolasyou.

The Indivei explore the planet. They meet Admiral Youareoneofus and the inhabitants of the planet. "Greetings, Indivei!" Youareoneofus greets "Welcome to planet Beoneofus!". Iammyself introduces " I am Captain Iammyself. This is Sergeant Youareyourself, Corporal Youarecoolasyou, and these are Liutenants Goodareyou, Wearenotthesame and Coolnessisyou. We crash-landed on.. What's this planet's name again?" "Beoneofus" Youareoneofus replies. Iammyself continues "Anyway, we crash-landed on Beoneofus when we were hit by a stray asteroid". Youareoneofus grins. "Well, Indivei crew, would you like to be one of us?" Youarecoolasyou growls. "How do we know that this is a better planet, where everyone is the same?" Youareoneofus grins a much wider grin. "You get to wear cool clothes, you eat chocolate every day for all meals, there are lots of beaches, you never have to go to school and you get a better name!" The Indivei Liutenants are fasinacted by the thought of staying on a much cooler planet forever, they run to Youareoneofus and are transformed into the creatures that are the same. But Iammyself, Youareyourself and Youarecoolasyou all say "But there are drawbacks! You cannot eat what you want, you cannot wear what you want and you cannot be what you want!". But the Liutenants don't listen. "Well," Youareyourself growls, "We will never go to here again!". And the remaining Indivei leave.

"We have to tell Mayor Youareyou the bad news" Youarecoolasyou sighs, as the ship Beyourself lands on their planet Weareindividual. But as Iammyself tells Mayor Youareyou, the Mayor grins. "Those three are pains in all 3 of our butts! Thats why we took you on this mission! And now for your reward....." Mayor Youareyou pulls out three tickets. "These are tokens for you to get anything you want free!" Iammyself, Youareyourself and Youarecoolasyou slap high fifteens. "Let's go to Yumcha Goodstuff!" Youarecoolasyou yells.

The transformed Liutenants are having a worse time than they were in Weareindividual, and they're wishing they listened to Iammyself, Youareyourself and Youarecoolasyou. They hate being on Planet Beoneofus and wish that some Indivei will take them back to Weareindividual.

Frux Zoggi (The End).